Sustainable World of Coffee

The world is in need of coffee that is organic & fair-trade.

Our vision

We imagine a world in which sustainability is like breathing; naturally present while being aware of its importance. Farming will be done in an organic way to preserve the environment and ourselves. And everyone involved from the beginning to the end gets equal treatment, with a fair share of the cake.

Our mission

Our mission is to be one of the world's leading providers of sustainable coffee. We work with like-minded people and organisations and provide a platform that offers a wide range of organic, fair-trade (coffee) products and stories to create a bigger awareness.

What is sustainable coffee?

By sustainability we mean farming, producing and supplying coffee in a way that has a minimal to zero impact on the environment or ourselves; that means without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. That's organic.

It also means that the producers of coffee, that trade with companies in developed countries, get paid with fair prices and that everyone involved in the supply chain is treated equally. That's fair-trade.

Why fair-trade coffee?

Providing a fair price to (small) farmers will help them cultivate the land in a sustainable way. A fair price provides stability for the farmer's life, economical independence and helps their community. Next to that, it's not needed for the farmer to gain a bigger field, for example by cutting down a part of the rain forest, to make a decent living.

Why organic coffee?

Organic coffee is better for your own health and that of the environment because there are no chemicals used in the production. So no chemicals will enter your body. Also, organic coffee does not promote deforestation and aims to conserve vegetation, nature and (wild-)life, and it is preventing soil erosion and diseases.

Question yourself

Ask yourself this: are you really happy paying an extremely low price, while knowing that the coffee you drink contains chemicals, has a bad environmental impact and does not even provide enough to support the families who produced it for you?

Contact information

The idea is here, the motivation is strong, and the world provides us with the perfect opportunity. However, it's not possible to do it alone. Please contact us to see how we can work together to make the world (of coffee) a better place.

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